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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leighton Meester leaving a hotel in New York

You know all those rumors you heard as a kid about hot drunk chicks dancing on tables? You were probably going through puberty at the time and would believe pretty much anything about the opposite sex. Turns out they're 100% true. From the New York Post:
Leighton Meester made a scene at Philippe in East Hampton while celebrating a friend's birthday Saturday night. "She was rallying her friends to out-scream the 'Happy Birthday' song of a nearby table of girls," says a diner. "Both tables started screaming obnoxiously back and forth at one another until Leighton finally stood up on the table and started dancing."
Yeah, that's what I want when I'm out eating a nice dinner -- a bunch of self-absorbed bitches screaming "Happy Birthday" back and forth. The only way they could have been more obnoxious is if they had been yelling George Clooney's 2006 Academy Awards acceptance speech.

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