Holly Madison Gives Us A Peepshow

Friday, May 15, 2009 0 comments

Holly Madison is keeping herself pretty busy, even if it’s not with her ex-boyfriend Criss Angel or Hugh Hefner. What’s her next gig? A little mix of what she’s good at: dancing and sex appeal.

The Girls Next Door star will become the newest Las Vegas headliner beginning in June when she replaces Monaco in the sultry revue PEEPSHOW, Madison tells PEOPLE.

PEEPSHOW, which features topless dancers, began last month inside Planet Hollywood… Madison is…expected to keep covered up.

“It’s going to be a blast,” Madison, 30, said, adding that she feels her DWTS experience will help. “It’s given me a lot more confidence. From being on that show, it will definitely help me stick to a really strict workout routine.”

It lookings like Holly Madison is moving up in the world of sorts. Before you know it, there will be a time when she will get paid for being FULLY CLOTHED. I even scared myself there on that one.



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Out in Hawaii With Lindsay Lohan

Sunday, May 10, 2009 0 comments

The coming summer is a perfect time to relish in a little romance, and I’m quite sure Lindsay Lohan agrees. Opting today to actually spend her time in a bikini at a beach in Hawaii, here she is hard at work trying out her new chick pickup manuever.

Something makes me think she wish she packed her toys for this one.





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Miranda Kerr: Model as a Muse


Out of all the famous people (and there were quite a selection) to have shown up to the Model as a Muse Embodying Fashion Constume Institute Gala, I have to say Miranda Kerr was one of the women who caught my eye. Perhaps because she has a good eye for fashion or maybe, just maybe, SHE’S A MODEL so she knows exactly what’s going down unlike those poser wannabe actresses and singers. To me, she is the gala: perfect body, beautiful face and a dress that shows just enough skin to fabric ratio. She definately gets a hearty three thumbs up!




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Britney Spears Reigns Supreme in 2008


It’s the end of the year folks, and for most people that means looking back on their lives and either thinking, “Holy crap, I really screwed up” or “I am amazing.” Whatever you think about your life…well, it doesn’t matter all that much, people what the people really want is to hear about somebody.

And the person that topped the list this year is Britney Spears, who can both say she’s had an amazing share of ups and downs this year.

Personal troubles or no, Britney Spears is still the hottest human being on Planet Earth, according to USA Today’s annual Celebrity Heat Index, which measures how much exposure a star gets in print and online.

Brit got more media attention than anyone else for 11 weeks this year, meaning she earned the top spot on the index for the second year in a row. That coverage included everything from her infamous breakdown last January to her best-selling album, just released on Dec. 2.

Congrats Brit, and here’s to many more mishaps– baby throwing, random heads on fire, maybe even a little more (at least semi-) nude shots in the New Year.





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Britney Spears Is One of Many Twitter Victims


In a world full of computer nerds with too much time, no celebrity is safe. However, despite all of this, the results can be entertaining. Reportedly many celebrities’, including Britney Spears’, Twitter accounts were hacked then used to spam messages. Hilarious results are to persue.

Even during the height of her head-shaving, umbrella-wielding phase, it’s doubtful Britney Spears would have left a lewd message for her fans about her girly parts.

The “Womanizer” wonder wasn’t the only one hit by this recent security collapse on the social networking site. Unlikely tweets keep popping up among VIP members.

Barack Obama, who hasn’t posted since Election Day, left a message wondering what you thought of him. If you clicked and took the survey, you could win a gas card!

Fox News noted that “Bill O’Reilly is gay,” and CNN’s Rick Sanchez said he’s “high on crack and might not be coming in to work today.”

To be quite honest, I can’t seem to tell the difference between the real person and the fraud…especially if I’m getting free stuff out of it. As for Britney Spears, her talking about her woman bits itsn’t as far fetched–it’s not like she doesn’t show them off in the first place.

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Britney Spears’ Court Circus


The circus theme that Britney Spears has been going with for a while has been successful both on and off stage–her audience just can’t get enough of it. The latest chapter of Brit’s life revolves around the past, as her and her father go to court in order to extend an existing restraining order against Sam Lufti, Brit’s former boyfriend and manager. His sister stood before the court to claim that the once troubled singer actually wanted contact with the man, and on top of that wanted to be released from the clutches of her controlling father.

According to Christina [Lufti], Britney said she wanted Sam to get her a new lawyer, and a pre-paid cell phone.

Now imagine this scene: Christina says she met Brit on January 16 in the sauna at a posh Beverly Hills hotel to deliver the cell phone. She claims the drop went down while Brit’s mom and bodyguards were nearby in the hotel.

Lutfi also testified that Britney said she “felt like a prisoner,” was “afraid of her father” and that he was threatening to take away her kids.

If this story didn’t move you, don’t worry– it didn’t move many people who heard it in person. Despite being a surprise witness, the restraining order has yet to be lited.

However in the meantime, at least lift something of your own with Britney Spears featured on the Germany cover of Maxim. Woo!






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Angelina Jolie Got Fired


Angelina Jolie St. Johns

Angelina Jolie, who has been modeling for St. Johns since 2005, has supposedly been fired. Though the official reps of the fashion label claimed no decisions have been reached, OK! Magazine learns,

“Putting celebrities in campaigns is the biggest trend right now, everyone is doing it, but it didn’t work for St. John with Angelina,” a fashion industry insider explains to OK!. “The people that wear St. John just didn’t relate to her.”

St. John’s collections are largely comprised of conservative suit outfits and are wardrobe staples of women such as Condoleeza Rice and Hilary Clinton.

How can people not relate to Angelina Jolie? She adopts orphans from around the world, donates significant amounts of money to charity, and men want to sleep with her. In addition, she can pretty much convince people to do anything. She single handedly helped out starving children all around the world by setting an example. She can also sell magazines if she’s naked on the cover. Obviously, the only thing that went wrong in these advertisements was that she was wearing too much clothing.

And here are the remainder of the boring, fully clothed advertisements. You’d think a fashion label would know that sex sells.

Angelina Jolie ST John picture 8

Angelina Jolie ST John picture 7

Angelina Jolie ST John picture 6

Angelina Jolie ST John picture 5

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Angelina Jolie Sheds Fatty Pounds But Not Spirit


As the Western Hemisphere welcomes back Angelina Jolie in New York, I can’t help but notice the world’s greatest MILF might have a little more adjusting to do. Even though she’s quick to shed the pounds after delivering twins, apparently the habits of a hormone crazy fat lady doesn’t die as fast when put on display in front of a camera lens. Either that, or there is a doctor’s assistant somewhere practicing his defense as to why he shoved a broom up her ass.





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Kim Kardashian Featured in GQ


You know, if someone told you that Kim Kardashian was going to have a photoshoot with her bush hanging out in GQ magazine, would you really expect this? Probably not. Even some of the more steamier pictures in this shoot I can’t really enjoy with this guy lurking in the corner. Shame on you GQ. Shame. On. You.








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