Angelina's cutting again?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Angelina Jolie on the set of Salt in New York
Angelina Jolie is a complete mess. According to those working on the set of her new film Salt, the actress is slowly breaking down, spending hours at a time alone in her trailer. There's even fears that Angelina may be cutting again (she's admitted to self-harming in the past). A source told Britain's Now magazine:
"Angie’s been crying in her trailer most days and is barely eating. She keeps forgetting her lines and she’s been shaking and staring into space. In fact, it’s been so bad that some crew members have suspected she’s using drugs, although that’s out of the question.

"But the ones who know her realize it could be something much, much worse if she’s self-harming. When she’s at home she just about holds it together, but she stays up listening to the same song over and over and rarely sleeps."
It's true. Angelina has been known to "self-harm" herself. Case in point: her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton. Let's just hope for my right hand's sake she doesn't harm what I consider her most attractive asset: her lips her breasts her bank account. Oh, and if anyone's wondering what song Angelina listens to when she cries herself to sleep at night, it's Jessica Andrews' classic Who I Am Karma. And Jennifer Aniston is pressing the play button.

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