Angelina wants to be President

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Angelina Jolie at the commemoration of "World Refugee Day" at the National Geographic Society in Washington

In 1999, Angelina Jolie won a Golden Satellite Award for her work in the made-for-television movie Gia. In 2000, she won an Oscar for her work in Girl, Interrupted. In 2001, she won a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for her work in Gone in Sixty Seconds. In 2005, she won a People's Choice Award for "Favorite Female Action Movie Star." In 2006, she won a Ciné Award for "Best Kiss" in Mr & Mrs. Smith. In 2008, she won a Satellite Award for her work in Changeling. In 2009, she took home another People's Choice Award for "Favorite Female Action Movie Star." Guess which award qualifies her to be President? Hint: none. But that's not stopping her. A friend of her's told UK newspaper Daily Express:
"Ange has admitted she’s getting bored with Hollywood. She said she’s now got her sights set on Washington. She is passionate about people’s rights, war and justice and thinks she can get more hands-on and make even more of a difference by getting into politics. She admires Obama and thinks she could make a big difference too if she were in his position.

"I would place a huge wager on her becoming the first female president in the next 20 years. When Ange sets her mind on something, she goes all out to do it. She’s very determined and gets very stirred by her UN work. She is well respected for her humanitarian work and I’m sure she would make as many waves if she moved fully into the political world.”
When will celebrities realize that no one wants to hear their god damn opinions about world politics? Angelina's about as qualified as an egomaniacal lunatic to be President of the United States . . . so a lot like our last ten. If Angelina really believes she can "make a big difference" in US policy, there's one Cabinet position I think we can all agree that she is uniquely qualified for: Secretary of BJs. You know that's how George Washington met Martha, right? She was so talented, she could suck-start a horse-drawn carriage.

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