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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in New York

Brad Pitt is pissed that Jennifer Aniston is hooking up with Gerard Butler. Wait, what? He should be pissed that she keeps calling him just to hear his voice and then hanging up, not that she's moving on with her life. From TransWorldNews:
Brad Pitt is allegedly not happy that ex-wife Jennifer Aniston has found love with Gerard Butler. Sources say although Pitt is giving his relationship with Angelina Jolie another shot, he is still “put out” by Aniston and Butler’s budding romance.

“Even though Brad’s giving his relationship with Angelina another chance, he’s clearly put out by Jen’s romance with Gerard,” says a source.

Aniston, 40, is said to be very happy with the romance. She and Butler, who are currently filming The Bounty together, are taking “things slowly.”
Why would Brad even care who Jen is dating? He's got a smoking hot chick at home who apparently likes what all guys like: sports cars to bang without a condom. Besides, Brad has nothing to worry about -- if Jen's relationship with Gerard is anything like her last few, it won't last long. In a couple months I'll be writing about how devastated she is about the breakup and how she never thinks of Brad except when she listens to his old voice messages or sleeps with the doll she made out if his hair and toe nail clippings.

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